Artkonekt - ecommerce

Hello we are Artkonekt a spooky Romanian Ecommerce company.

Note: This is our real website, believe it or not!

Our most important failures in the past years are:

This kitten is cute though

See our ongoing projects:


Upgrading an unmaintainable platform to an extendable one, while running.

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Mobexpert outlet

Hot deal furniture and home goods store.

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Homemade cookies delivered to your door.

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Vehicle Market

Quality cars at better prices.

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More projects

Regional Consulting, Enisoft billing app, Drinkbox, Reflex festival, Delikates Design, Benedekmező campsite, Csík csodái, Mezőség, Délerdély, Szilágyság, Udvarhelyszék, Székelyudvarhely City Council

The team

Téglás Sándor, Fülöp Attila, Fazakas Lajos, Kedves Hunor, Szász Emma

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Adress: Sfântu Gheorghe (Covasna), Str. Oltului nr. 8, Romania.
Email: [email protected]