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creativity, liberty & no-bullshit „policy“

open jobs

⚠ Currently, all our job openings are on hold!

laravel | symfony | phalcon

PHP Developer

We're looking forward to hear from you, whether you're
junior/mid-level/senior/yoda 🙇


vuejs | sass | bootstrap

Frontend Developer

We need a workmate who sees that 1px difference
from 3 steps behind 🙋


how we work


See our tech stack.


Our preferred way to work with clients is billing per hour.
It means we log all our activities in JIRA. Logging only happens when we're actually working with something, so it's expected to have 6 hours logged per day (with full time (8 hours) contract).
(training, learning, meetings, fixing your laptop counts - lunch, smoking, hanging around doesn't).

Normal business hours are 9:00 - 17:00 EET, but hours are flexible.
Overtime is generally discouraged - but can happen before deadlines.
Personal and timezone preferences are appreciated.


Any of us takes at least 30 days off per year (besides national holidays).
Yes, they're paid and that's 50% more compared to what you get elsewhere.


Currently we operate in Transylvania, Romania in 3 locations: Cluj, Gherogheni and Sfantu Gheorghe (the one next to Brasov). We can also provide with an office in Budapest or in Berlin.
You can pick any of these locations and decide to move between them.
Remote work is completely OK, regardless of your time zone.


The money you'll earn depends on your knowledge level, location and on whether it's employment or contractual collaboration. It can be full time, part-time or hours based payment.
Every penny is paid in a legal manner, incl. state taxes, contributions.
If you're keen to learn and develop, your salary will constantly raise.
Fresh juniors usually double their salary in the first 12 months.
You can also get help from us to buy the things you wish.


Default language is English.
We also speak: Hungarian, Romanian, German (and one of us can read Dutch 😉).
Worklogs, code commenting and documentation must be written in English.
Communication with Clients usually happens in their native language and you must be committed using proper grammar for that.
For internal communication use whatever you want.


We like clean code, dirty jokes, biking, coffee, beer, hamburgers, apples, rucola, smelly cheese and mountains.
We don't support fish pizza, corruption, bullshit and Windows.

tech drama

So we went after what people said, and picked Magento.
We've suffered a lot from needless complexity.

So we've went hacky; picked Wordpress and „handmade“ code.
We've suffered a lot from spaghetti code and irresponsible developers.

So we've went after books; picked DDD, TDD, BDD, SRP, OCP, LSP, ISP, DIP.
We've suffered a lot from applying principles turned out to be dogmas.

So now we're going simple and organized. Let's see what happens.