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last update february 4, 2019

Release v0.5


Vanilo is our E-commerce platform for Laravel, the next release, v0.5 is scheduled for the first week of February.

Right after v0.5 we'll start focusing on the upcoming stable release: v1.0 🏃

Check it out at vanilo.io.


Thinkific Integration

One of our best performing Client Projects is making a Pivot. They make a rebranding and switch to Subscription based model and move their online courses to Thinkific.

Our job is to handle checkout, payments, orders and invoicing according to EU VAT regulations and keep everything in sync between the E-commerce backend and Thinkific.


API Integration

Webcar is an online platform for buying premium cars.

They're about to restructure their backend processes and build a new REST API that better fits their needs for the increased demands from the 6 main countries/languages they're serving.