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last update december 15, 2019

Release v1.2


Vanilo is our E-commerce platform for Laravel, the next release, v1.2 is scheduled for 23rd December.

Along with the Open Source v1.2 release, vanilo.shop will be launched, which offers Vanilo as a managed E-commerce platform for Shop owners.

Check it out at vanilo.io.


App Store Updates

Apaleo's App Store is receiving a fresh look along with UX optimizations.

The number of applications in the store has grown from about a dozen to 82 👏 . This required Apaleo to re-think the interactions of the App Store.
The update we're rolling out this month affects both aesthetics and the organization of the UI.


Rating System

Rebelwalls is a versatile E-commerce company serving many countries.

We've been building a cool new Review System in the last months together with them. After the go-live, customer reviews will be better automated, much better integrated with the site, with special focus on structured, semantic data parsers like Google Shopping.