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last update nov 24, 2022

Move to Vanilo

Sunsetting Artkonekt

As you may know, Vanilo, the E-commerce Framework and Platform has initially grown out of artkonekt. With the end of 2022 we'll phase out artkonekt services, most of our folks have been moved over to Vanilo.

The open source Konekt Components remain, and their maintenance will continue, since Vanilo and many other projects out there rely on them.

God bless artkonekt, long live Vanilo!


Farewell and Best Wishes

As part of the artkonekt sunsetting, our involvement in one, the Webcar Platform comes to an end.

We thank you the many years and the nice experience together. It was fun building together the team, the agile mindset, and the data-intensive Laravel application that's in the heart of the platform.

The Webcar team is so strong now 💪, that we're confident, we won't be missed. It's nice to see how the tech team has scaled from 3 to 15 having various competences on-board like DevOps, Product and online marketing.


E-learning Platform

Upriserz is an E-learning platform targeted for Entrepreneurs.

In the last weeks, we've been implementing the brand new MasterMind module, that features private Video and Audio groups powered by Dolby Technology for subscribers.