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last update june 7, 2020


Release v2.0

Vanilo is our E-commerce platform for Laravel. The next release is a major one, v2.0 and is scheduled for June 2020.

Along with the Open Source v2.0 release, vanilo.shop will be launched, which offers Vanilo as a managed E-commerce platform for Shop owners.

Check it out at vanilo.io.


Phoenix Platform

The Upriserz E-learning platform is receiving a major upgrade called "Phoenix".

The Phoenix project has started in April and the planned go-live is September 15, 2020.

The upgrade is a complete rework of the subscription management system. The admin area has been rewritten in Laravel Nova. The LMS will also be internal, replacing Thinkific (it worked well, but has some hard limits that didn't fit Upriserz' business model).



Rebelwalls is a versatile E-commerce company serving many countries.

We've been building a cool new Review System in the last months together with them. After the go-live, customer reviews will be better automated, much better integrated with the site, with special focus on structured, semantic data parsers like Google Shopping.