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Cloud Infrastructure

Some companies still run their servers on premises, even if their size and the type of usage doesn't justify it. Many other companies already use Virtual Servers, but nothing else from the wide range of Cloud tooling.

Mostly they are aware that they should've moved already, and the reason they're staying with their legacy IT Infrastructure is that the risk seems too big.

Frequent Difficulties with Cloud Migration

  • Incompatibility (technical or licensing)
  • Lack of Business Objectives
  • Worry about costs
  • Lack of expertise
  • Internal resistance
  • Data security concerns

In many cases companies already have a business use-case, are armed with a strong management and technical staff. In fact, they have almost everything that makes them capable of moving to the cloud.

What's often missing is someone with a battlefield cloud experience that can help guiding the company during their move.

How To Overcome Cloud Migration Difficulties

What we often do to support such operations, is to take over one or more of the following responsibilities:

  • Trainings and Workshops
  • Technical and Financial Assessment
  • Being part of decision making, developing the strategy
  • Doing the actual work
  • Writing guides for engineers
  • Suggest concrete solutions


Other than the expected and planned benefits, moving to the cloud often brings the following "unexpected" improvements to the table:

  • Stability increases significantly
  • The system becomes more transparent → less surprises
  • Teams become pro-active instead of reactive
  • Customers' trust gains, as they see much less problems
  • Scalability becomes predictable and not a source of fear
  • Migration turns out to be much less problematic than expected


Datadog Partner

Datadog Partnership

We've been in official partnership with Datadog since March 2020.

Datadog is a versatile monitoring platform and we use it to:

  • Be on top of our systems,
  • know exactly what is going on,
  • separate signal from noise,
  • fix issues before customers notice it.
Datadog Partner
Digital Ocean Partner

Digital Ocean Partnership

We've been in official partnership with Digital Ocean since October 2019.

Digital Ocean is a similar IaaS provider like AWS, Azure or Google Cloud. What makes them special is that their system is very easy to understand and use. Digital Ocean is a perfect choice for cloud newbies.

Digital Ocean is oriented towards developers, and in general it has a very low entry barrier compared to other providers.

Adapting Tools

Every organization has unique needs and we always have to listen and understand first, what is the exact problem we want to solve.

As the result, we'll have a tailored suggestion for the particular business.

Other than the offerings of our main partners, we also have daily experience with the following technologies:



Amazon Web Services

Managed Databases, Queues, Lambda Functions, CDN, S3, ECS, Data Lakes


Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform

Maps API, Firestore, Firebase, Data Studio




Security, Web Firewalls, Speeding up websites, Serverless Workers 👌

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